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  1. firebase
    1. Create an account
    2. Follow instructions to create a project and generate a private key
    3. In the firebase console add a web application to get the required configuration
    4. Enable at least one sign in method in your firebase project (Google is probably the most straightforward)
    5. Create a Firestore database, allowing reads
  2. npm
    1. Create account and edit your profile
    2. Enable Two Factor Authentication in your profile
    3. Create a new token and save it in you CI as NPM_TOKEN env variable
  3. GitHub Actions Secrets
    1. Make sure that all the secrets described in the actions (such as .github/workflows/deploy-job.yml) have been created and have updated values.
  4. GCP
    1. Make sure that the Service Account that will run the Cloud Run service has the "Secret Manager Access" role attached to it so the service can query the secrets