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Automate your release process

Automate the release process of your npm packages, apps, and actions seamlessly with Optic. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to streamlined releases. Boost productivity, enhance security, and deliver high-quality code faster than ever before.

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Streamline your release workflow

Optic automates the build, versioning, and publishing process of your npm packages, apps, and actions. It eliminates manual tasks, enabling you to release high-quality code faster and with ease.

Protect your npm accounts

Optic integrates with the npm registry and generates one-time passwords (OTPs) securely on the fly. It ensures 2FA-protected npm accounts, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and malicious code insertion.

Works with your preferred tools

Optic seamlessly integrates with various release pipelines, including npm, Python/Pip, Rust/Cargo, and more. Its flexibility allows you to automate releases across different ecosystems, making it suitable for your preferred tech stack.

Easy-to-use mobile experience

Optic provides a user-friendly mobile app, empowering you to securely manage your npm tokens, generate OTPs, and receive push notifications. Enjoy a seamless experience while overseeing your release processes.

Setting up an Optic mobile app is easy...

Setup Diagram

..and so is publishing it!

Publishing Diagram